#1 Facebook Auto Poster

Facebook Autoposter

Facebook Autoposter is web-based(cloud) tool! That mean no need download anything!Autoposter work with any device!Just Log In, schedule or post campaigns!Now you can cthất bại your PC, our system posting behalf you!Yes, Autoposter work automatically! Isn"t that"s awesome? With Facebook Autoposter can post khổng lồ UNLIMITED Facebook Groups,Pages!


Autoposter Features

Post & Schedule Unlimited Groups / Pages Saved Campaigns Saved Groups list Posts Auto-Comment Statistics / ReportsAnd Much More ...

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Easy To Use.

Autoposter is built to thinking all customers, that"s why it"s very easy khổng lồ use! First time account cài đặt take about 5-10 minutes, but all next times it take few seconds!

Powerful Features

Autoposter include very powerful features! All Campaigns contents is saved drafts,all your groups is saved category.

You"ll love sầu it.

Autoposter have sầu the easiest using và highest performing tool. Best investment you"ll ever make!


With Autoposter can schedule or post unlimited groups!Can include campaign your Pages too.You must just follow simple steps for posting1) Choose Groups List2) Choose MessagesPictures/Videos3) Choose Inverval & click POST


With Autoposter all your groups is saved và categorized!Never no kiểm tra groups one by one và don"t need worry about posting unwanted groups!Can create unlimited categories và add them unlimited groups.For posting just choose categories & system starting posting khổng lồ all your categorized groups.

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With Autoposter all your campaign contents is saved. System save sầu all your campaigns contents to drafts so its easy to lớn use your pictures, messages, videos again.You can anytime add more pictures, messages, videos & change them.We save sầu your linkstrachồng your link clicks & display statistics.

Aukhổng lồ Comment is awesome tool khổng lồ phản hồi your old posts to lớn get higher results in groups.So don"t need always post new campaigns, can auto-comment & your chiến dịch is again in top of group.

We display posting historyfuture posts!In posting history box see posts what you already posted. Future posts box see all your upcoming posts & can cancel posting anytime.

We collect your chiến dịch clicks và display you statistics.You can monitoring your campaigns & see how popular your posts are.So you know how get best results.

Schedule và Post Campaigns Groups Lists Auto Comment Post To Page Posting Reports Posting Statistics
50 Posts Unlimited Campaigns Unlimited Groups Lists Auto lớn Comment Post To Page Posting Reports Posting Statistics
Unlimited Post và Schedules Unlimited Campaigns Unlimited Groups Lists Auto Comment Post To Pages Posting Reports Posting Statistics